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Dance in the Rain Book Preview

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I'm so excited to announce that I am in the midst of writing my first book, Dance in the Rain: A Therapist, Her Client, and Finding the Extraordinary in the Unexpected. I am sharing my book proposal video with you here today and an excerpt. Check back here and on my site often for more updates as they come!

I can't wait to share more details with you soon!

Excerpt from Dance in the Rain:

Art therapist Sandra Lee Tyrrell hovered her thumb over the “decline” button of her phone. It was the end of a grueling work day, and she wanted nothing more than to go home, eat dinner, and rest. She didn’t recognize the number on her screen, but she knew who it was: a client referral, a man named Gerard who was living with schizophrenia. Fresh out of graduate school and determined to start her own practice, Sandy wasn’t in a position to turn down clients. But she also didn’t have a lot of optimism over how the case would resolve. In the mental health field, schizophrenics are considered among the hardest cases to work with. In a best case scenario, she could develop a treatment plan, execute the goals, send Gerard on his way, and quickly close the case. With an exhausted sigh, she took the call. And in that simple act, Sandy changed the course of her career--and her life.

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